Dog License

How much is a dog license?

Tag TypeRegular PriceLate Registration Fee
1 Year Tag$15.00$15.00
2 Year Tag$45.00$60.00
Permanent Tag$150.00$165.0

When should I license my dog?

The annual license renewal period is December 1 through January 31. If you have a new puppy, you must buy a license by the time he reaches three months old. If you have just moved into Pickaway County or if you just acquired a new dog, you must purchase a license within 30 days.

Where do I purchase a dog license?

You can purchase a license online at, by mail or in person at several convenient locations in Pickaway County. Call the Auditor's Office to find out where dog licenses are sold.

Must my dog wear a tag?

YES. Ohio law requires it. The dog warden may impound dogs without tags.

Why do I need to license my dog?

First, Ohio law requires that you license your dog. Second, a license tag attached to your dog's collar proves ownership and is your pet's ticket home if he gets lost.

What if I forget to buy my dog's license during the renewal period of December 1 through January 31?

Ohio law requires a late fee ($15.00 in Pickaway County). Simply pay the fee of $30.00 for the current year's license. There are no provisions in the law to waive the fee.

Can I let my dog run loose if he is licensed?

NO! It is against the law. Ohio law specifies that all dogs must be confined to your property or under reasonable control - such as on a leash when being walked. It is not safe to let your dog roam the neighborhood.

What do I do if I find a lost dog?

If the dog is wearing a current Pickaway County license tag, call the Pickaway County Auditor's Office at 474-4765 to find out the owner's name. If the dog is not wearing a current license tag, call the dog warden at 474-3741.

What if I move?

If you move within Pickaway County, please call 474-4765 with your new address and telephone number so we can keep the information up-to-date. If you move to another county, call that County's Auditor for licensing information.